Fundusze europejskie wiedza edukacja rozwój, flaga Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej, flaga Unii Europejskiej, Europejski Fundusz Społeczny

After months of preparation, we are pleased to announce that Poland is the sixth country to join our Capacity Building Programme.

Launched in 2012, the Capacity Building Programme was designed to strengthen the capacity of both national and European level patient organisations. Romania and Hungary joined the programme in late 2012 with Bulgaria and Hungary following suit one year after. Targeted activities aimed at building the capacity of our member in Cyprus, the Pan-Cyprian Federation of Patients Associations and Friends, were carried out in 2014-2015.

Alongside national-level capacity building activities, since 2014 we have been offering our pan-European members and national coalitions from all other countries, training modules geared to their specific needs focussing on fundraising (2014), communication (2015), and ethics and transparency (2016).

The launch of the Capacity Building Programme in Poland was marked by a kick-off meeting event that took place in Warsaw on 11 May. 15 representatives of our member the Federation of Polish Patients and from across their disease-specific member organisations attended the event.

The launch of the programme in Poland represents a long-term commitment to supporting patient organisations in Poland becoming more effective in achieving their objectives and aspirations. We are glad to be part of this exciting journey and we will keep you posted on developments.