Health Challenges Congress (HCC) 2016

Federacja Pacjentów Polskich – Partnerem Instytucjonalnym Kongresu Wyzwań Zdrowotnych – Health Challenges Congress (HCC), który odbędzie się w dniach 18-20 lutego 2016 r. w Międzynarodowym Centrum Kongresowym w Katowicach. Kongres Wyzwań Zdrowotnych – Health Challenges Congress (HCC) w Katowicach to dwa dni eksperckich debat z udziałem trzech tys. gości oraz dzień otwarty dla dziesięciu tys. mieszkańców regionu. W Międzynarodowym Centrum Kongresowym w Katowicach spotkają się wybitni specjaliści reprezentujący kilkanaście dyscyplin […]

5th Healthcare Forum

SPECIAL EVENT 3rd September 2014   15.40 – 16.40 Access to medical services vs. social delineation – what has changed over the past 25 years? –special event   Partner: Federation of Polish Patients Termedia – Publisher Group   Observable differences in health in EU countries, associated with social delineation and income disparities, compel reflection. The emergence of ground-breaking medical technologies and innovative therapies creates new challenges for the healthcare system […]

EPF Campaign for the 2014 EU Elections

Plan to link our campaign for the EU elections EPF Campaign for EU elections 2014 was officially lunched during European Health Forum Gastein meeting on October 1st 2013 and further introduced at Patients’ Meeting in Brussels on November 27th. The key issue is to make health, and the patients’ perspective a priority for newly elected and returning politicians. All aspects mentioned in EPF Manifesto were officially presented in Polish […]

Consensus Meeting Access and Equity for Patients

Launched in 2012 by NPO in Bulgaria, this event is part of a broad initiative to address health inequalities and barriers to access from the perspective of patients. The first conference took place in September 2012 and resulted in a powerful declaration. An extensive survey then took place with patient organisation from the new Member States and the Candidate Countries on how patients experience health inequalities and some of the […]

  • Protecting patients’ rights and representing their interests to the authorities, state administration and local government and other bodies, institutions and entities

  • Support for operating environments and activation of the patient, and the operation of integrating different groups and patient organizations

  • Actions to change the position of the patient’s health care system so that it became his subject and a partner in the process of medical therapy

  • Supporting scientific, technical and educational activities as well as health and social welfare and charity

  • Provision of information addressed to the Parliament, Government and Local Government on the basic problems of patients and health care system in Poland

  • The presentation of opinions on the laws and policies regarding the place of your patient’s health care system

  • Cooperation with Polish and foreign organizations, patients

  • Develop regular contacts and exchange of information between members of the Federation

  • Partnered with organizations providing services to patients