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After a year of work on defining the directions and goals of actions, representatives of over 50 patient organizations, seeing the deepening of the collapse of healthcare system, they decided to create the association. Only such an organization, bringing together representatives of patient organizations can effectively influence the decisions regarding the direction of reform, ensuring at the same time safeguarding the interests of all the US – patients. As a result of this idea, they founded Polish Federation of Patient (FPP).

FPP was registered under number KRS 0000251756 in the register of associations kept by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw, XII Commercial Department on 28 February 2006
The identification number REGON 140487226
Tax Identification Number Tax 522-28-09-24-2

Federation’s mission is to integrate the patients’ environment, protect the rights, represent interests of patients and to improve the quality of health care and medical services.


  • We are a non-profit non-governmental organization;
  • we have legal status and saved the Constitution;
  • The keynote of our mission and activities is a demonstration of commitment to patients and the principles of patient-centered health care;
  • Our actions are driven by the patients themselves;
  • We are an umbrella organization • for our members;
  • 68 organizations and over 50,000 individual patients are our members.

Objectives and tasks

  • Protecting patients’ rights and representing their interests to the authorities, state administration and local government and other bodies, institutions and entities
  • Support for operating environments and activation of the patient, and the operation of integrating different groups and patient organizations,
  • Actions to change the position of the patient’s health care system so that it became his subject and a partner in the process of medical therapy,
  • Supporting scientific, technical and educational activities as well as health and social welfare and charity,
  • Provision of information addressed to the Parliament, Government and Local Government on the basic problems of patients and health care system in Poland
  • The presentation of opinions on the laws and policies regarding the place of your patient’s health care system,
  • Cooperation with Polish and foreign organizations, patients,
  • Develop regular contacts and exchange of information between members of the Federation,
  • Partnered with organizations providing services to patients.


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Financing of the Federation of Polish Patients
Federation of Polish Patients operates on the principle of multi-channel financing:

  • Public support: Ministry of Health, National Health Fund, Public Administration
  • International Support: EU funding, Poland and other organizations
  • Commercial Support: supporting members, sponsors
  • Support their own: the contribution of membership, collection of social