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3rd September 2014


15.40 – 16.40

Access to medical services vs. social delineation – what has changed over the past 25 years? –special event


Partner: Federation of Polish Patients

Termedia – Publisher Group


Observable differences in health in EU countries, associated with social delineation and income disparities, compel reflection. The emergence of ground-breaking medical technologies and innovative therapies creates new challenges for the healthcare system and affects the organization of health services. What kind of strategies and good practices can help reduce health inequalities?

Patients’ organizations have become a major partner in creating systemic solutions and play a significant role in communicating information to patients. EPF has created a new pan-European platform “Access Partnership” to work with stakeholders on downscaling inequalities in health. How can we get involved in work on a common goal?

Tomasz Szelągowski – General Director, Federation of Polish Patients


Participants of the Sept. 3rd session:

Martin Seychell, EC, DG SANCO

Maciej Piróg, Office of the President of Poland

Peter Goldblatt, University College London, IHE

Nicola Bedlington, European Patients’ Forum (EPF)

Janusz Michalak, President of the Board of Termedia (publisher group)

Federation of Polish Patients – partner of the Organizer – 5th Healthcare Forum

Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies

Organizator Forum



Session Partner – special event
Partner sesji - wydarzenie specjalne
Session Sponsor – special event


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